Making Engines Lighter, Maintaining Strength And Durabilty

Additive manufacturing ALM Composite materials

Advanced Innovative Engineering (UK) Ltd , CALMERIC Team , University of Wolverhampton

AIE is a well-established design and development and manufacturing entity, producing highly technical engines for a range of industries.


AIE’s current production methods have many processes and limit their design potential. The company is looking to take advantage of the University’s experience in additive layer manufacturing (ALM) to produce a rotor and gear from one of their engines. The design and manufacturing methods of ALM allows for the creation of prototypes and final products without the need for tooling and sophisticated equipment.


By using a new material, the parts can be made lighter without effecting strength and durability.

The CALMERIC team have proposed the following schedule for production of the parts to help identify appropriate materials and prototypes:

  • Select a suitable powder for the rotor and gear
  • Make subtle design changes to an existing rotor, suitable for ALM
  • Produce rotor with current material
  • Make any significant changes to the design of the rotor

Download EE072 - CALMERIC case studies


The CALMERIC project supports SMEs to carry out research & innovation projects in the field of advanced engineering materials, in collaboration with specialist staff and resources in the Centre.

  • Composite materials
  • Additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Engineering, Research and Innovation
  • Industrial Research Collaborations
  • Product optimisation (using less or lighter weight materials)


  • aie
  • ATI
  • electronica
  • McGeoch


You want your engineering partner to offer products of an exceptional standard. That is why AIE operates a controlled Quality Management System which meets stringent AS9100D standards.

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Advanced Innovative Engineering can offer you a truly one-stop shop. We don't just build engines - we consult, conceptualise, develop, design and test solutions to your problems. We can do this because all our activities are based at one state-of-the-art facility in the heart of the UK's aerospace engineering and manufacturing industries. Talk to us today. Call +44 1543 420700.

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Watch our world-class technology in action. Click to see our engines undergoing rigorous testing and to watch how they perform under tough conditions.

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