At AIE we measure our achievements not just though our core innovation and technical achievements but also through our success in delivering that innovation and technology into real work projects and applications. Please find below sample case studies highlighting some of these fantastic projects and achievements

Making Engines Lighter, Maintaining Strength And Durabilty

Advanced Innovative Engineering (UK) Ltd , CALMERIC Team , University of Wolverhampton AIE is a well-established design and development and manufacturing entity, producing highly technical engines for a range of industries.

SREEV – SPARCS Rotary Engine for Electric VTOLs

Advanced Innovative Engineering (UK) Ltd (Lead), Vortex Exhaust Technology Limited, Electronica Products Limited, McGeoch Technology Limited Advanced Innovative Engineering is leading this project in developing a hybrid power unit for use in UAVs. The project will couple an Internal combustion engine (ICE) with a hybrid power system in order to reap the benefits that this […]


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Watch our world-class technology in action. Click to see our engines undergoing rigorous testing and to watch how they perform under tough conditions.

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