Recognition for AIE in Droneii Market Map 2016

October 4, 2016
Recognition for AIE in Droneii Market Map 2016

When insights are needed in the constantly changing UAV drone market, you can be sure that Drone Industry Insights (or Droneii) are the business of choice for many professionals seeking expert advice on emerging trends and leading developments in the commercial drone industry.

With 40 years of research and aviation experience, Droneii’s consulting services are an underlying reason why many projects find success within the commercial drone market.

It’s for this reason that AIE (UK) Ltd are pleased to be recognised as a major player within the Droneii Market Environment Map 2016 for Drone Propulsion and Power.

The Drone Market Environment Map was developed to help UAV industry professionals to access a comprehensive overall picture of drone companies that can provide a range of exceptional and reliable services for project completion and manufacture of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

With each company checked and verified, those utilising the map can be sure of accessing a widely diverse number of services. Each drone company listed already operates on an industrial scale and is able to deliver unique concepts, including AIE that specialise in lightweight Wankel Rotary Drone engines that feature patented technology for superior power, endurance and reliability.

Located within the Propulsion and Power section of the drone market map, it’s clear that AIE have now cemented their reputation as experts in powerful, lightweight propulsion for unmanned aerial vehicles within the global drone ecosystem. Any interested professionals within the UAV drone industry can contact AIE knowing that they will receive not only a world-class engine, but a world-class service.

To download your own version of the drone market environment map 2016, visit this link, or for more details on how AIE can support your future drone projects and UAV propulsion requirements, visit our capabilities web page.

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