Lichfield’s AIE Featured in Chamberlink Magazine

February 20, 2017
Lichfield’s AIE Featured in Chamberlink Magazine

Lichfield, Staffordshire:

Local Lichfield engineers, AIE (UK) Ltd are proud to be featured in the February 2017 edition of Chamberlink, the official magazine of Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce.

The article entitled ‘AIE rewrite the future of the rotary engine’ succinctly captures the mission of AIE to re-establish the revolutionary rotary engine for 21st-century customers.

Highlighting the history of the rotary engine, that was designed in the 1950’s by Felix Wankel, the article points out that the rotary was once seen as the engine of the future. Manufacturers interested in the compact engine included General Motors and Mercedes, however the fuel crisis of the 1970’s quickly refocused manufacturer strategies towards economy, rather than power. This left the less economical rotary engine trailing far behind the traditional piston engine.

That was until AIE started their journey to modernise the rotary into a world-class and leading engine technology, directly from their base in the Midlands, in the heart of the UK.

Updating Rotary Technology for the Modern Generation

Surrounded by historic Lichfield buildings, including a Cathedral that dates back to the year 1195 and Tudor buildings from 1315, AIE engineers are already familiar with the significance of retaining the unspoilt charm and developments of the past.

However, much like Lichfield, which has been able to embrace the modern advancements of the 21st Century whilst retaining its traditional features, AIE has been able to vastly improve the efficiencies of the rotary engine, whilst maintaining its traditional high-power performance.

The UK and the Midlands is a fantastic area to create technology. I still consider the Midlands to be the UK’s centre of manufacturing excellence

Speaking about the advancements AIE has been able to make as a Midlands-based SME, Managing Director Nathan Bailey is quoted in the article: “We have done a phenomenal amount in the last four and a half years. We have had innovation grants and project funding… the UK and the Midlands is a fantastic area to create technology. I still consider the Midlands to be the UK’s centre of manufacturing excellence.”

Currently, the rotary engine technology is seeing success across the globe for niche markets and with drone technology (unmanned aerial vehicles) for small volume orders. As the article clearly indicates, AIE as a local Midlands business is determined to continue to rewrite the reputation of the revolutionary rotary engine.

To see how AIE (UK) Ltd have improved the Wankel Rotary engine through patented solutions, click here to visit their web page on innovative technologies.

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