ATI Project Update: New Hybrid Power for UAVs

October 18, 2016
ATI Project Update: New Hybrid Power for UAVs

Lichfield, Staffordshire: Fantastic progress has been made with AIE’s collaborative Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) Project as a new breakthrough is made for next generation unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) hybrid power systems.

The aim of the ATI project is to work with four leading cross disciplinary SMEs in the UK to develop an innovative hybrid power unit that delivers productive added-value for UAV operators requiring extended flight times.

With the majority of multi-rotor UAVs capable of only 30-40 minutes of flight time, AIE’s new technology will work to boost UAV battery life and deliver close to 240 minutes of continuous flight; providing massive advantages for civilian services using UAVs for surveying, inspection and search & rescue.

Introducing SREEV for UAV Hybrid Power

Now with the project making rapid progression, AIE are able to reveal that the core engine model and integrated generator designed by partner Electronica are soon to be completed.

Utilising AIE patented technology SPARCS (Self-Pressurising-Air Rotor Cooling System), the new hybrid power technology for UAVs will ensure superior heat rejection and efficient thermal balancing to optimise the life of the operating rotary engine.

This new technology, or SREEV (SPARCS Rotary Engine for Electric VTOLs) will work with high power-to-weight ratio rotary engines to extend UAV battery life with the capability of a quiet-flight mode allowing the internal combustion engine to be switched over when required.

Speaking about the ATI project, AIE Managing Director Nathan Bailey commented: “ATI funding has allowed us to work with partners in the UK, increasing the UK expertise and allowing access to markets that would perhaps been more limited with overseas investors”

With completion of the project moving quickly ahead for testing and final production in 2017, interested parties seeking to benefit from this new innovative SREEV UAV hybrid-power units can contact AIE today to receive more details on benefits for their application needs. Simply fill out the contact form or call AIE (UK) Ltd on 01543 420700.

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