40S UAV Rotary Engine Ready for NATEP Showcase

15th September 2016
40S UAV Rotary Engine Ready for NATEP Showcase

As part of a £40 million programme to develop innovative technologies for the UK’s aerospace supply chain, NATEP (or the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme) has been pivotal in providing support for small to medium sized suppliers to develop and manufacture innovative technologies.

Now NATEP are providing the opportunity for all successful beneficiaries of the programme to demonstrate their accomplishments since receiving NATEP support and grant funding.

As one of the successful recipients of the NATEP grant award, AIE (UK) Ltd will be attending the 2016 NATEP National Showcase Event at the Ark Conference Centre, Basingstoke UK on 20 September to disseminate the latest information on their exciting collaborative project to develop an extremely lightweight but high powered UAV rotary engine.

At the event, AIE will be highlighting the purpose of the project which is to design and develop a lightweight UAV rotary engine that is capable of a greater rate of climb, payload capacity and endurance for maritime surveillance UAVs.

The NATEP event will also provide AIE the opportunity to demonstrate and celebrate the success of the collaborative project with Vortex Exhaust Technology by being able to display the newly completed, fully functional, 40S 5 bhp UAV rotary engine for event attendees to view; clearly demonstrating its extremely small form factor and lightweight composition.

As the event provides an ideal setting to share best practice with other companies working on NATEP projects, as well as drawing in a number of aerospace industry stakeholders, AIE will focus on presenting their experience in how they have achieved significant improvements in the reliability and endurance for maritime UAV platforms that will provide end users with high-end systems at low total cost.

To follow AIE’s journey on the final development and testing of the 40S UAV rotary engine NATEP project, connect with them on Twitter or LinkedIn today.



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